Echotobia is a community for those who want to learn more about autistic wiring, life, and culture. Whether you’re on the spectrum yourself, are the parent of an autistic child, or just want to better support your friends and neighbors, you’re in the right place.

Posts here often include:

  • insight into how autistic brains and bodies work
  • tips for how to maintain healthy autistic/NT relationships
  • debunking of common myths and misconceptions
  • explanations of disability rights and access issues

and much more!


Who runs this thing?

Hello! I’m Toby, and was first identified as autistic at age 30. Though I had suspicions off and on for several years, I dismissed them every time until my therapist finally (and unexpectedly) confirmed it. Since then I’ve developed a passion for helping others understand the experiences and culture of autistic people as well as spreading disability acceptance.

I have two kids, two cats, a spouse, and a persistently cluttered house full of half-finished books.